getting Swift Flight Form

getting Swift Flight Form
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tisdag 18 december 2007

Fighting Nightbane for the first time

I logged in about 22 sunday evening, thinking of doing a daily cookin quest and maybe pvp quest. In guildchat - Any up for Karazhan? What a Kara run now I replied! Yes last spot Carl are you coming? Well Rosa know that I would say yes so i got invited without answered the question.

I was really unprepared, they wanted to summon me right away, I only had time to put some things in the mailbox besides me, my bags was full as always. And I run to do a repair. Are you coming Carl? oh soon just repair! I had no time to get herbs for mana potion and quillwine for gift of the wild.

We had a really good group with two expirienced tanks Coma and Halgez, and 3 shadow priest! We continued there we had left, at the Opera with Romulo and Julianne, I think its kind of sad we have to kill the lovely couple. But you got to do what you got to do! We went in and our tanks tanked our dps did their job and we healers did our part, they went down! Great! Curious as always what would they drop? Despair a 2-h sword and Earthsoul Leggings leather? yes! healing ? Yes! Only for druids! And I´m the only druid in the raid! I needed and stepped forward. Rosa asked anyone else? Of course their was noone else so I got them. My third epic item in Karazhan this week, my luckiest week ever. I know I sometimes been grumbling, I did a lot of Kara run before I got my first epic here.

Whats next?
We thought we had a really good raid so of to Nightbane! The first time for me!

I was out of mana potion so I asked if anyone got some leftover? And I got 5 from both Rosa and Emeilanko. Bluesky gave me some food to and I got some mana oil to put on my weapon to! I really love to have so friendly mates in the guild. We told Nightbane we want to have a word with him, and soon we saw an impressive big sceletal Dragon flying in the sky. He landed we did 2 attempt but we didn´t manege to kill him, but I think we had the capacity to make it. Coma had changed to his resto druid Vampz and he got killed in the middle of the fight in both attempt, we couldn´t make it with 2 healers left. But we got him down to about 25% I think. well I know we will meet him again some day and the result will be different. The tanks had to go and the raid was over. And i really had to go to bed.

I checked the prices for gems at the AH today and they were really expensive, I asked in guild forum if any jewelcrafter can make Royal nighteye and Dazzling talasite, for the Earthsoul Leggings.

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