getting Swift Flight Form

getting Swift Flight Form
Start Fighting Anzu in setheek halls


Anzu is dead mission completed


Me, the great Valkyria and our Shinibana party

onsdag 2 juli 2008

Getting the Swift Flight Form

The final part to get the Swift Flight Form was summon Anzu in Setheek halls on heroic mode and defeat him. We was a great party, only Shinis and I think we rocked. I have never been so prepared for an instance before. Checked all mobs in the instance, made macros for healing the 3 birds in the bossfight.

We cleared all the trash and the first boss without any problem, then it was time to summon Anzu. This fight was about tactic not fast dps, and we did excellent the healing was pretty easy, I healed two of the birds all the time that helped us with mitigation and aoe damage and the tank, the other members in the party didn´t take much damage. the birds that spawned were a bit
annoying before our mage Pinkeye frezed them.

When we continued to the last boss we wiped, I think me and valkyria had lost some of our concentration and was dreaming about flying in the skye together rather than fighting! we wiped 1 time at the last boss but took him down next try, I think he is 1 of the harder instance bosses overall. I think the picture tels the rest of the story, and its faster to fly now than I thought it would be. I feel like a kind og jetplane.

And really really thanks to Baradraak the great warriortank, Pinkeye the dps king mage, and Schambolick the dps Shammyrocker and finally To the great healingdruid Valkyria was really fun to do this together and have you to share the joy over flying wing by wing together of in the sunset

tisdag 20 maj 2008


4 people in our guild recently manage to kill Onyxia with with their group of 4 people. And a week later Bojorn, Lensflare and Lightbeard manage to kill Onyxia by themself. Actually only 3 people. Well done. Whatch their great video trailer, link to the right. They were 1 protect palladin , 1 holy paladin and a mm hunter. It was pretty easy for Lightbeard to heal Bojorn as tank trough the fight. I think this is doable with only with 2 players. If you got a hunter or warlock as tank and dps, and a healer maybe?

tisdag 6 maj 2008


Sorry about the long blogg break.

Our guild has made some great progress, we have killed Gruul, but we haden´t enough players alone, so we cooperated with the guild destroy Erase Improve. And I had to share a raidspot with 1 of their palyer , that made that I was with the raid killing King maulgar, but only on TS when killing Gruul :( I hope we be back killing him as a complet guild kill in the near future.

We have finally killed Nightbane, the only boss in Kara we haden´t killed. Bojorn had put on a raid which only goal was to kill the undead dragon. When the raid started we was a great raidgroup with expirienced players with pretty good gear. I was shore we was going to make it. we needed to try several times, but finally we got him down :)
We have been to Zul'Aman and this was a great succes, we killed the bear boss in our first try. We have some try at the bird man to, but only get him downed to 11%
We had a try at Magtheridon the pit lors in hellfire Citadell. But we lack healers and tanks, We coulkdn´t do a descent try, we even had our evil Warlock Rosanegra as tank.

I think its nice to doing more different instancers. But we get some new players and still doing Karazhan every week. I must admit I have played my hunter a lot more than my druid. I love playing with Carl, but only instance runs. he is a slowly killer. Encha my hunter have doing quests, grinding reputation, grinding netherdrake scales, for a guild mate. Its really nice being in a helpful nice guild with great nice funny players. The game really changed since I joined Shinibana.

Got e new link Being a healing Druid

onsdag 27 februari 2008

I be back soon

I have taken a break from wow, but I have bought a new gamecard so I´m soon back in buisness. My girlfriend has bought me a new keyboard with some nice new buttons. with some help I have creat a macro for my hunter that make her jump turn around and shoot. I´m looking forward to try it out. The last raid I was on before the break our guild succeded to kill King Maulgar for the first time. And I hope we soon kill the the second boss there to.

onsdag 16 januari 2008

I got killed by my raidleader!!!

Yesterday I join in Karazhan going for the chess event, I have told the raid I was in a hurry and had to leave 20.55. I saw about 20.45 that the tank we was missing logged in and I had someone to replace me.

Our raidleader asked if I wanted to stay a few minutes to the chess event was over or if I would leave at once, I decided to stay, and when the event was over I said, bye and good luck and left the raid, but forgot to log out!!!! I was in a hurry you know.

This is whats happend after I left the computor( I copied it from Rosa´s post(hope you don´t mind Rosa)

Well, tonight was rather eventful! Chess went smoothly, but then we had to kill Carl This is because, in his panic to leave the house, he'd forgotten to leave Karazhan, so we had an AFK, non-grouped Carl sat infront of us who we couldn't shift and a very eager Bojorn waiting at the gate to get in! So Libby pulled a mob (with the rest of us hid a long way away) and then bubbled right ontop of Carl. Admittedly, Libby died too, but it was funny. Sad thing was, though, it didn't mean Bojorn could get in! So when we wiped, Bluesky waited outside and we killed the trash pulls on 9 people. Then once Carl went offline, Bluesky could enter and we went for Prince. Now this is the amazing bit... WE GOT HIM DOWN FIRST TRY! I am so proud of everyone - each person was so perfect and timed everything well, even those who died were still helping by watching for the adds, etc. Then we went for Illhoof and took him down on our second attempt! So all in all, an excellent evening. Thanks to everyone who came, thanks especially to Libby for leading.

I went online later and saw the guild message of the day " Lightbeard killed Carl"
I was surprised and wonder if he was mad at me or something, but then Rosa explained for me. And I appologized to everyone, first they pretended they were sorry for be forced to kill me, but then they admitted it had been fun!

torsdag 10 januari 2008

Happy new year


I hope you all had a good Cristhmas, I shore had, no work and not much raiding neither.
And some break from this blogg.

During the holidayI leveled my hunter alt, I´m not trying to level fast, I´m focusing on getting the rep I need, I hit lvl 64 just when I leaft Hellfire Penisula for Zangarmarsh. In Z I started killing naga for rep, I did some quest but no turn ins.

Why not playing my Druid?
Well because he is resto and have troubled killing fast without company, I did a quest in Netherstorm with help from my Shinibana mate Rosa, just to upgrade one of my rings. Got Celestial Jewel Ring from the quest Hitting the Motherlode, very nice upgrade. and did some Battlegrounds.

My hunter is a killing machine with no downtime, I do 2-mans quest solo without problems and almost never die. As many other players I neverhave enough money, I have realized that I been waisting a lot of money on my druid, spend money on armor and expensive gems, which I then change for better gear in a month or two. I decided to not buy expensive stuff for my hunter before I hit lvl 70 anyway. My hunter is my money maker.

By the way I participated in the guild run to Kara yesterday, a really succesfull run ended after taking Curator down, We will continue later this week. I was rolling on the Gloves of defender, but our shadowpriest Licker won the roll, and he deserve them anyway. I have pretty good gloves anyway. I passed on shoulder items of cloth and our Druid Vampz got them. This would have been an upgrade for me but I had two reasons to pass, I think he needed them more than me, because I have got some good loot from Kara last month, and there was no stamina on the item, and I think i need some stamina, to stay alive more.

tisdag 18 december 2007

Fighting Nightbane for the first time

I logged in about 22 sunday evening, thinking of doing a daily cookin quest and maybe pvp quest. In guildchat - Any up for Karazhan? What a Kara run now I replied! Yes last spot Carl are you coming? Well Rosa know that I would say yes so i got invited without answered the question.

I was really unprepared, they wanted to summon me right away, I only had time to put some things in the mailbox besides me, my bags was full as always. And I run to do a repair. Are you coming Carl? oh soon just repair! I had no time to get herbs for mana potion and quillwine for gift of the wild.

We had a really good group with two expirienced tanks Coma and Halgez, and 3 shadow priest! We continued there we had left, at the Opera with Romulo and Julianne, I think its kind of sad we have to kill the lovely couple. But you got to do what you got to do! We went in and our tanks tanked our dps did their job and we healers did our part, they went down! Great! Curious as always what would they drop? Despair a 2-h sword and Earthsoul Leggings leather? yes! healing ? Yes! Only for druids! And I´m the only druid in the raid! I needed and stepped forward. Rosa asked anyone else? Of course their was noone else so I got them. My third epic item in Karazhan this week, my luckiest week ever. I know I sometimes been grumbling, I did a lot of Kara run before I got my first epic here.

Whats next?
We thought we had a really good raid so of to Nightbane! The first time for me!

I was out of mana potion so I asked if anyone got some leftover? And I got 5 from both Rosa and Emeilanko. Bluesky gave me some food to and I got some mana oil to put on my weapon to! I really love to have so friendly mates in the guild. We told Nightbane we want to have a word with him, and soon we saw an impressive big sceletal Dragon flying in the sky. He landed we did 2 attempt but we didn´t manege to kill him, but I think we had the capacity to make it. Coma had changed to his resto druid Vampz and he got killed in the middle of the fight in both attempt, we couldn´t make it with 2 healers left. But we got him down to about 25% I think. well I know we will meet him again some day and the result will be different. The tanks had to go and the raid was over. And i really had to go to bed.

I checked the prices for gems at the AH today and they were really expensive, I asked in guild forum if any jewelcrafter can make Royal nighteye and Dazzling talasite, for the Earthsoul Leggings.