getting Swift Flight Form

getting Swift Flight Form
Start Fighting Anzu in setheek halls


Anzu is dead mission completed


Me, the great Valkyria and our Shinibana party

tisdag 30 oktober 2007

Finding the right guild

I belong to a great guild called Shinibana. I can say my wow life have changed a lot since joining Shinibana, I feel that I have found my home and destiny in the world of warcraft.

We are not close to Black temple and have been 2 times in Gruul's lair and didn´t succed to take the king down. Why is this a great guild you think? Because we are friendly to each other, we help each other and we don´t force people to choice special talents. We are mostly casual players just trying to enjoy the game and improve ourself all the time.

The problem is that my playtime have increased a lot since I join Shinibana and its harder to prioritize other things besides wow.

Shinibana even try to be nice to horde players, we don´t gank them and sometime this can be a problem. I remember when I was outside the instance in Zangaramarsh there was a pick up group, the party leader and me was at the meeting stone waiting for the other player to be ready for summon. There was 2 horde players there, just about to summon the rest of their party. My party leader whispered me many times; lets kill them, i answered I´m a member of a friendly guild we don´t attack people who is summoning. When the horde had summoned all their partymembers they killed us :( My party leader told me I was retard and kicked me!

But I like to pvp, we often have pvp in mondays evenings when we create a Shinibana raid for battle grounds.

I´ve been a member in 3 other guilds before joining Shinibana, and I´m greatful for the expirience Í´ve got from them, That helps me appreciate my guild a lot more. My advice is to try a new guild if you don´t feel you are in the guild thats right for you. Try to check the home page for the guild you thinking of joining before you make an application.

I you play a lot and want to do endgame raiding 5 times/week a guild as Shiniban wouldn´t be the right choice for you. Differents guilds suits different kind of players.

måndag 29 oktober 2007

The beginning

I´m a resto Druid, and I´ve decided to collect some good links for druids in one place. The thing developed to this.
I think i´m one of a few druids thats actually leveled as resto. There was a long struggle, but i didn´t know the great difference in soloing as resto or solo as feral/balance.But I really learned the art of healing as I was resto to lvl 55. Then I changed to a mix build feral/resto at 60 to resto again. When the TBC came I changed to complete feral. But the thing is , I love to be a healer in a group or a raid and I voluntary to change to resto when we missed healer in a Karazhan raid. I don´t regret it, but soloing mobs takes time.

I planning to develop this site with more links and resources for wow players and specially druids.