getting Swift Flight Form

getting Swift Flight Form
Start Fighting Anzu in setheek halls


Anzu is dead mission completed


Me, the great Valkyria and our Shinibana party

tisdag 27 november 2007


Choose the right talents are really importent. Whats the purpose? Healing, dps or tanking? Are you playing Pve, PVP or Arena? Are you doing raidinstances? 5 or 10 or 25 people?

A lot of things to think about. I thinking of changing talents. At the moment I am 1/8/52, but I don´t use the point I´ve spent in resto for healing touch. I will decrease my resto talents to 41-43 and use the rest in feral or balance.

I thinking of try the Arena some people in the guild have asked me to join them, restodruids are pretty good in Arena I think. But I think I will have some problems in the beginning because I miss arena expirience. I choose between 8/11/42, 0/20/41 or 1/17/43. I want to keep my tree form for Pve instances and I prefer using cat for soloing, because I like it better than caster and I got really a lot better dps meal gear than dps casting gear. To put some point in balance would be only for doing better at Arena with Nature's grasp.

fredag 9 november 2007

Druid Healing

There is 2 different playstyle in druid healing:
if you are a Tree, you use regrowth, rejuvenation and lifebloom, you also have Nature's swiftness fo emergency and swiftmend. as a tree I have 3 lifeblooom at the tank all the time and use regrowth if needed, other partymembers get healed by lifebloom and rejuvenation, sometimes regrowth. I use swiftmend when its needed and use nature's swiftness if the tank is going to die in a second or so.I almost never go out of tree form only for cure poison and sometimes when there is not so much healing needed, then I can use some moonfire or so. I can´t use healing touch in tree form and I almost never go out of tree to use it. When you heal in tree form you keep the health high all the time and heal all the time, you are good at healing many people at the same time because of HoT
The other type of healing druid is going down in the balance tree to get dreamstate( its called dreamstate build) You heal in normal form and use mostly diffrent ranks of healing touch, to save mana. regrowth is to mana expensive in normal form, and seldom can be used. You have to let the health at the tank go down a bit so there is enough space for the healing touch you use. I think its good to often use low to middle ranks of healing touch and heal often than wait to use the highest rank of HT.

onsdag 7 november 2007

The Versatile of a Druid

The differential of a Druid is the versatile with many different forms. All druid can use bear, aquatic, cat, travel and flight form. Balance druids can use Moonkin, and resto druids can use treeform. Aquatic form is great for quest in water, because you don´t have to breath and you swim faster.

I have some great moment when I leveled as feral and was cat dps in groups. When the group was about to wipe, I could go out from catform use my group heal or another heal if needed. Change to bearform take aggro away from the healer and save the group. sometimes I have had to battleress the tank to.

In pvp I often use some mana to heal then when the mana are low I switch to bear or cat, then back to healing again, this stop you from getting bored.

As a tree I seldom switch out of form in a party or raid, only sometimes to take away poison or hibernate mobs

Some players start with one class get bored change to another and so on. Thats not happening when you are a druid. If you get bored you just change talents and you are a complet new player with different abilities than before.

måndag 5 november 2007

Starting a druid

Race selection is very easy for Druids, as there is only the choice between the Alliance and the Horde. If you want to be a Horde druid, then you have to be a Tauren, and if you want to be an Alliance druid, you have to be a Night Elf.
Tauren or Night elf? Tauren get a 5% increase to total health, very good for being a tank and War Stomp, one of the few stuns a Druid can get. Night Elves get an increase to dodge, and Shadow meld, which will help greatly your stealth, since this trait stacks upon your Prowl spell in cat form also.

Early leveling:The easiest way to progress through the early levels is questing. At early levels, a druid will mostly use wrath and moon fire spells to kill mobs intermixed with melee attacks. Use Mark of the wild, thorns and Entangling roots when you get it. Heal yourself when necessary.
The druid is one of the most versatile classes in WoW, (after level 20) because you can be almost any part of a 5-man dungeon/raid. But it is really hard to learn what you love and what you do well. You have two good options for leveling; feral choice talents for bear and cat form, balance choice talents that buff casting damage. You can level as restoration to, but then you have to group a lot to make leveling faster. You can heal in group even with feral talents at low levels, at least up to 50, if you have good healing gear. In the end game you probably will be mostly tank if you are feral, healer if you are resto and damage/healer if you are balanced.

Professions: I suggest you choice skinning and herbalism/mining, for making some money up to lvl 40 and your mount. Then you can change one of your professions to leatherworking if you keep skinning or alchemy if you keep herbalism, or maybe engineering if you keep mining. Don’t forget to take cooking and first aid to, if you like fishing take that one to. First aid is actually useful for druids, when you have to save mana, and you can get extra stamina, spirit and strength from cooking. Start your professions early at lvl5-6.

Druid quests: Some of the main abilities of the Druid are obtained through quests. These include the Bear form (lvl 10), the Aquatic form (lvl 16), and the Cure Poison spell (lvl 14). Epic flight form (lvl 70) There is no quests for cat form and travel form.