getting Swift Flight Form

getting Swift Flight Form
Start Fighting Anzu in setheek halls


Anzu is dead mission completed


Me, the great Valkyria and our Shinibana party

tisdag 18 december 2007

Fighting Nightbane for the first time

I logged in about 22 sunday evening, thinking of doing a daily cookin quest and maybe pvp quest. In guildchat - Any up for Karazhan? What a Kara run now I replied! Yes last spot Carl are you coming? Well Rosa know that I would say yes so i got invited without answered the question.

I was really unprepared, they wanted to summon me right away, I only had time to put some things in the mailbox besides me, my bags was full as always. And I run to do a repair. Are you coming Carl? oh soon just repair! I had no time to get herbs for mana potion and quillwine for gift of the wild.

We had a really good group with two expirienced tanks Coma and Halgez, and 3 shadow priest! We continued there we had left, at the Opera with Romulo and Julianne, I think its kind of sad we have to kill the lovely couple. But you got to do what you got to do! We went in and our tanks tanked our dps did their job and we healers did our part, they went down! Great! Curious as always what would they drop? Despair a 2-h sword and Earthsoul Leggings leather? yes! healing ? Yes! Only for druids! And I´m the only druid in the raid! I needed and stepped forward. Rosa asked anyone else? Of course their was noone else so I got them. My third epic item in Karazhan this week, my luckiest week ever. I know I sometimes been grumbling, I did a lot of Kara run before I got my first epic here.

Whats next?
We thought we had a really good raid so of to Nightbane! The first time for me!

I was out of mana potion so I asked if anyone got some leftover? And I got 5 from both Rosa and Emeilanko. Bluesky gave me some food to and I got some mana oil to put on my weapon to! I really love to have so friendly mates in the guild. We told Nightbane we want to have a word with him, and soon we saw an impressive big sceletal Dragon flying in the sky. He landed we did 2 attempt but we didn´t manege to kill him, but I think we had the capacity to make it. Coma had changed to his resto druid Vampz and he got killed in the middle of the fight in both attempt, we couldn´t make it with 2 healers left. But we got him down to about 25% I think. well I know we will meet him again some day and the result will be different. The tanks had to go and the raid was over. And i really had to go to bed.

I checked the prices for gems at the AH today and they were really expensive, I asked in guild forum if any jewelcrafter can make Royal nighteye and Dazzling talasite, for the Earthsoul Leggings.

torsdag 13 december 2007

Karazhan again

I had sign for a new Karazhan raid yesterday, I was not in the right mood when i logged in, thinking of offer some other player my place. I know there was not almost anything I need at the first 2 bosses. And no priest had sign so we didn´t have shackle this time neither. But when I logged in our raid leader the shining Paladin Lightbeard said in the guildchat: -Maybe we don´t going to Karazhan, not many people online. I thought, then it won´t be any that can take my place if I´m not going. well I hs to stormwind, bought 15 dreaming glory for being able to make Super Mana Potion, I had 5 dreaming glorys left since last raid. I always want to be able to do 10 potion for myself.

My expectation at the raid group was very low, Our tanks was Sabaton a pretty well geared warrior and Lightbeard, a holy paladin that recently change for tanking purpose. Everybody logged in and in Kara, oh we are missing a mage, but then Mystical just turns up and we are ready to go. Our healers was me, Bojorn a holy pala who has beena great tank in Kara and Alinda a Moonkin druid. no shackle so I know i had to heal the tanks a lot. I noticed lightbeard needed a lot more healing than Sabaton, depending in his gear and that he often took aggro from Sabaton. I usually have lifebloom up all the time and use rejuvenation when needed, but this time I have to use regrowth a lot, but I never started with regrowh, because i didn´t want to take aggro from the tanks. Well I think Alina died 1 time but everything went fine to the boss.

Boss time1 Lb tanked the horse and then Sabaton took care of the rest. Down he went and 1 badge of justice for everyone, sweet. What would he drop? The loot was plate and mail, which noone needed. Dicenhanted and rolling. This went as expected.

Going up the stairs to Moroes, went good, got some extra mobs pulled sometime, but I really like it, suddenly the healing is not a routine, you have to use all your skills and when you manage you feel really bracing. went in Moroes hall and as usually our chatty cute warlock Rosanegra had to jump on the pig, she always do that and laugh, and it wouldn´t feel right if she didn´t do it.

Moroes time!!!He was hard at us last week and we didn´t expect him to be more mercyfull this time. What tactic should we use? Shackle! no priest :( Trapping! no hunter :( hmmmm.....

One mob we could kill really fast, didn´t need a tank, and one could be feared at the beginning, and we had 3 warlocks, 2 of them use their voidwalker as bad off tanks for a short time if needed. And the tank had to tank 4 mobs together. I certenly didn´t expect us to succed at first attempt, but we would make our best and maybe do some change next try.

Here we go! the pull went good and i started to heal, when I had lost 3000 mana I took my first mana potion, Oh we are not wiping, where are the mobs already dead? Yeah only Moroes left! When my mana was almost lost, i used innervate on me, continue healing, Was ready to use another pot, but Moroes went down. /cheer!!! Oh we are great everybody alive except our nice mage Meagan. she get ressed and we looted. There was a cloak for range damage dealer and some more. Oh we are so good lets take Maiden down! we continue to Maiden.

Sabaton was tanking her, and we really did good again, but we had a lot of range damage only the Sabaton in meele, Lightbeard at healing and Alinda went dps Moonkin. Maiden down at first try Yeah :D more badge of justice and what would she drop? Mitts of the Treemender and Bracers of Maliciousness. Both leather! Anyone need Bracers of Maliciousness? This is a really good item for cat form, and I was the only one precent that could use it, Alinda the other druid use balance castergear for dps. They asked Carl or Alinda one of you should take it. Ok i can take it I said. The next item was i really interested in, but should me or Alinda get it, Anyone need? Need I said and step forward, Alinda:-I already have them. Great at last a healing gear item.

We went to the opera it was a pain without shackle I just spam all 3 different healing over time so they was up on both tanks and tried to put in a rejuvenation between if someone else needed healing. we did great actually, think we wiped one time, time for Opera!

We got Romeo and Juliette! first attempt I got silenced 2 times and the last silenced Lightbeard died. next try i got stunned two times and Lightbeard died. Third attempt I died fast just as the fight against both Romeo and Juliette started. wiped 3 times :( Next time respawns and we called it a night. The run was a great succes anyway, and we where all happy. I hs to Shatterah and started the first cooking quest, wanted to try my new cat gear. Needed cleefthoof meat for the quest, flew to Nagrand and killed some for the meat, Well did the quest and another quest and of to bed. This was my luckiest raid, besides the good loot I actually maid a flask discovery when I made mana potions in Karazhan.

tisdag 11 december 2007

Revenge at Moroes

I had some other dutys in the sunday evening and the raid started at 18.00, I wasn´t their from the beginning. But 45 minutes later I had the oppertunity to jump in. They haden´t succede to take Moroes down, and we had our friendly shadow priest Lickker joining us just for this fight. We had both Baraadral and applejack as tank this time. At our second try we succeded to get him down. He dropped Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable what a great item for our tank Apple, really nice. We all got 2 badge of justice and was happy again. I think the most importent gear is the tanking gear, If we have tank with good gear its a lot easier for the healersWe had propblem to get to the Opera because we had no priest with us for Shackle, but struggled us forward and did 2 attempts at The Wizaed of Oz, we failed, but we know we could have made it, When there was respawn we decided to cancel it, there will always be another time.We will be back next wednesday for a new run.

Our guild have actually going pretty far in to Kara, even taken the Prince down. But the raiding group we are going with is a mix of expirienced and unexpirienced Karazhan players, and we can´t expect this raid go as far as we have been.

fredag 7 december 2007

Different Karazhan run

Yesterday we had a guild run in Karazhan. The problem was that we had only one tank. When the raid started our raid leader Lightbeard asked me if I had my feral gear with me? Ofc I had I´m a druid jack of all traids I always have feral, dps and healing gear with me. He said, well you maybe have to tank later. Oooooh that was not what I had count in. Ok I will try and do my best. I haven´t been a tanking as resto, my talents are 1/8/52.

When we was at the first boss. Carl time to change gear you have a horse to tank. Ok, I have tanked this horse before maybe 7 times as feral, I know I was not going to do much dps, but I didn´t need to, I need to do threat and hope my gear was good enough, I had 17000 armor. I change to bear started enrage and was going to pull, Oh got no feral fearie fire to pull with, I just run a bit forward and aggroed the horse and start tanking, using demoralizing roar, maul and lacerate.

Well how did it go? well really good actually. When Attumen the Huntsman showed up late as always our new great Karazhan tank Applejack picked him up. When the Huntsman mounted Midnight my tankin was over, our cute little gnom tank was the only tank needed. I get at distance and started to heal in my feral gear, I had no problem with mana just keeped spamming Lifebloom and some rejuvenition when needed. Well he went down and we all was very happy!

What was he going to drop? Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation and Schematic: Stabilized Eternium Scope. No rogue in the group and the other resto druid was our great Valkyria, she is resto, balance and has no use for it. So i said - If noone else need the gloves i can take them. And our nice guildmates let us have them :) There is very funny about Boss loot. So far I haven´t got any resto leather gear in Kara only cat gear, But I use it for soloing purpose and you never know there might be a day when the tree feel the inclination to go feral.

At Monroe- Carl time for tanking. This time I was to be second tank at Moroes, meant I need to do a lot threat. Our shadow priest Licker schackled an add and our great hunter and guildleader Lensflare retrapped another add, and another add was chained feared. Applejack pulled Moroes and I followed and start tanking, did as last tanking except used enrage every time it was up. But I didn´t get hit enough so my rage was low meaned I wasn´t able to do enough threat.

We tried 2 times but didn´t succeded, What could we do? Well I wasn´t solving my task :( . New tactic I was going to be the one that pick Moroes up then I would be hit and get rage:) This could go. We made 2 tries first didn´t go well, I did a bad pull. Next time I used demoralizing roar to pull and spamming lacerate all the way to the place I was going to tank him. This time we did good I keeped the aggro on me all the time, but suddenly Moroe reseted? And one of our expirienced Kara tanks Baraadrak was able to join the raid, we made to good tries with him as second tank, but didn´t succeded., most because bad luck and maybe everybody had full concentration. Well we will come back and make him pay later this week.

Your Healer/tank?

tisdag 27 november 2007


Choose the right talents are really importent. Whats the purpose? Healing, dps or tanking? Are you playing Pve, PVP or Arena? Are you doing raidinstances? 5 or 10 or 25 people?

A lot of things to think about. I thinking of changing talents. At the moment I am 1/8/52, but I don´t use the point I´ve spent in resto for healing touch. I will decrease my resto talents to 41-43 and use the rest in feral or balance.

I thinking of try the Arena some people in the guild have asked me to join them, restodruids are pretty good in Arena I think. But I think I will have some problems in the beginning because I miss arena expirience. I choose between 8/11/42, 0/20/41 or 1/17/43. I want to keep my tree form for Pve instances and I prefer using cat for soloing, because I like it better than caster and I got really a lot better dps meal gear than dps casting gear. To put some point in balance would be only for doing better at Arena with Nature's grasp.

fredag 9 november 2007

Druid Healing

There is 2 different playstyle in druid healing:
if you are a Tree, you use regrowth, rejuvenation and lifebloom, you also have Nature's swiftness fo emergency and swiftmend. as a tree I have 3 lifeblooom at the tank all the time and use regrowth if needed, other partymembers get healed by lifebloom and rejuvenation, sometimes regrowth. I use swiftmend when its needed and use nature's swiftness if the tank is going to die in a second or so.I almost never go out of tree form only for cure poison and sometimes when there is not so much healing needed, then I can use some moonfire or so. I can´t use healing touch in tree form and I almost never go out of tree to use it. When you heal in tree form you keep the health high all the time and heal all the time, you are good at healing many people at the same time because of HoT
The other type of healing druid is going down in the balance tree to get dreamstate( its called dreamstate build) You heal in normal form and use mostly diffrent ranks of healing touch, to save mana. regrowth is to mana expensive in normal form, and seldom can be used. You have to let the health at the tank go down a bit so there is enough space for the healing touch you use. I think its good to often use low to middle ranks of healing touch and heal often than wait to use the highest rank of HT.

onsdag 7 november 2007

The Versatile of a Druid

The differential of a Druid is the versatile with many different forms. All druid can use bear, aquatic, cat, travel and flight form. Balance druids can use Moonkin, and resto druids can use treeform. Aquatic form is great for quest in water, because you don´t have to breath and you swim faster.

I have some great moment when I leveled as feral and was cat dps in groups. When the group was about to wipe, I could go out from catform use my group heal or another heal if needed. Change to bearform take aggro away from the healer and save the group. sometimes I have had to battleress the tank to.

In pvp I often use some mana to heal then when the mana are low I switch to bear or cat, then back to healing again, this stop you from getting bored.

As a tree I seldom switch out of form in a party or raid, only sometimes to take away poison or hibernate mobs

Some players start with one class get bored change to another and so on. Thats not happening when you are a druid. If you get bored you just change talents and you are a complet new player with different abilities than before.

måndag 5 november 2007

Starting a druid

Race selection is very easy for Druids, as there is only the choice between the Alliance and the Horde. If you want to be a Horde druid, then you have to be a Tauren, and if you want to be an Alliance druid, you have to be a Night Elf.
Tauren or Night elf? Tauren get a 5% increase to total health, very good for being a tank and War Stomp, one of the few stuns a Druid can get. Night Elves get an increase to dodge, and Shadow meld, which will help greatly your stealth, since this trait stacks upon your Prowl spell in cat form also.

Early leveling:The easiest way to progress through the early levels is questing. At early levels, a druid will mostly use wrath and moon fire spells to kill mobs intermixed with melee attacks. Use Mark of the wild, thorns and Entangling roots when you get it. Heal yourself when necessary.
The druid is one of the most versatile classes in WoW, (after level 20) because you can be almost any part of a 5-man dungeon/raid. But it is really hard to learn what you love and what you do well. You have two good options for leveling; feral choice talents for bear and cat form, balance choice talents that buff casting damage. You can level as restoration to, but then you have to group a lot to make leveling faster. You can heal in group even with feral talents at low levels, at least up to 50, if you have good healing gear. In the end game you probably will be mostly tank if you are feral, healer if you are resto and damage/healer if you are balanced.

Professions: I suggest you choice skinning and herbalism/mining, for making some money up to lvl 40 and your mount. Then you can change one of your professions to leatherworking if you keep skinning or alchemy if you keep herbalism, or maybe engineering if you keep mining. Don’t forget to take cooking and first aid to, if you like fishing take that one to. First aid is actually useful for druids, when you have to save mana, and you can get extra stamina, spirit and strength from cooking. Start your professions early at lvl5-6.

Druid quests: Some of the main abilities of the Druid are obtained through quests. These include the Bear form (lvl 10), the Aquatic form (lvl 16), and the Cure Poison spell (lvl 14). Epic flight form (lvl 70) There is no quests for cat form and travel form.

tisdag 30 oktober 2007

Finding the right guild

I belong to a great guild called Shinibana. I can say my wow life have changed a lot since joining Shinibana, I feel that I have found my home and destiny in the world of warcraft.

We are not close to Black temple and have been 2 times in Gruul's lair and didn´t succed to take the king down. Why is this a great guild you think? Because we are friendly to each other, we help each other and we don´t force people to choice special talents. We are mostly casual players just trying to enjoy the game and improve ourself all the time.

The problem is that my playtime have increased a lot since I join Shinibana and its harder to prioritize other things besides wow.

Shinibana even try to be nice to horde players, we don´t gank them and sometime this can be a problem. I remember when I was outside the instance in Zangaramarsh there was a pick up group, the party leader and me was at the meeting stone waiting for the other player to be ready for summon. There was 2 horde players there, just about to summon the rest of their party. My party leader whispered me many times; lets kill them, i answered I´m a member of a friendly guild we don´t attack people who is summoning. When the horde had summoned all their partymembers they killed us :( My party leader told me I was retard and kicked me!

But I like to pvp, we often have pvp in mondays evenings when we create a Shinibana raid for battle grounds.

I´ve been a member in 3 other guilds before joining Shinibana, and I´m greatful for the expirience Í´ve got from them, That helps me appreciate my guild a lot more. My advice is to try a new guild if you don´t feel you are in the guild thats right for you. Try to check the home page for the guild you thinking of joining before you make an application.

I you play a lot and want to do endgame raiding 5 times/week a guild as Shiniban wouldn´t be the right choice for you. Differents guilds suits different kind of players.

måndag 29 oktober 2007

The beginning

I´m a resto Druid, and I´ve decided to collect some good links for druids in one place. The thing developed to this.
I think i´m one of a few druids thats actually leveled as resto. There was a long struggle, but i didn´t know the great difference in soloing as resto or solo as feral/balance.But I really learned the art of healing as I was resto to lvl 55. Then I changed to a mix build feral/resto at 60 to resto again. When the TBC came I changed to complete feral. But the thing is , I love to be a healer in a group or a raid and I voluntary to change to resto when we missed healer in a Karazhan raid. I don´t regret it, but soloing mobs takes time.

I planning to develop this site with more links and resources for wow players and specially druids.