getting Swift Flight Form

getting Swift Flight Form
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Me, the great Valkyria and our Shinibana party

fredag 7 december 2007

Different Karazhan run

Yesterday we had a guild run in Karazhan. The problem was that we had only one tank. When the raid started our raid leader Lightbeard asked me if I had my feral gear with me? Ofc I had I´m a druid jack of all traids I always have feral, dps and healing gear with me. He said, well you maybe have to tank later. Oooooh that was not what I had count in. Ok I will try and do my best. I haven´t been a tanking as resto, my talents are 1/8/52.

When we was at the first boss. Carl time to change gear you have a horse to tank. Ok, I have tanked this horse before maybe 7 times as feral, I know I was not going to do much dps, but I didn´t need to, I need to do threat and hope my gear was good enough, I had 17000 armor. I change to bear started enrage and was going to pull, Oh got no feral fearie fire to pull with, I just run a bit forward and aggroed the horse and start tanking, using demoralizing roar, maul and lacerate.

Well how did it go? well really good actually. When Attumen the Huntsman showed up late as always our new great Karazhan tank Applejack picked him up. When the Huntsman mounted Midnight my tankin was over, our cute little gnom tank was the only tank needed. I get at distance and started to heal in my feral gear, I had no problem with mana just keeped spamming Lifebloom and some rejuvenition when needed. Well he went down and we all was very happy!

What was he going to drop? Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation and Schematic: Stabilized Eternium Scope. No rogue in the group and the other resto druid was our great Valkyria, she is resto, balance and has no use for it. So i said - If noone else need the gloves i can take them. And our nice guildmates let us have them :) There is very funny about Boss loot. So far I haven´t got any resto leather gear in Kara only cat gear, But I use it for soloing purpose and you never know there might be a day when the tree feel the inclination to go feral.

At Monroe- Carl time for tanking. This time I was to be second tank at Moroes, meant I need to do a lot threat. Our shadow priest Licker schackled an add and our great hunter and guildleader Lensflare retrapped another add, and another add was chained feared. Applejack pulled Moroes and I followed and start tanking, did as last tanking except used enrage every time it was up. But I didn´t get hit enough so my rage was low meaned I wasn´t able to do enough threat.

We tried 2 times but didn´t succeded, What could we do? Well I wasn´t solving my task :( . New tactic I was going to be the one that pick Moroes up then I would be hit and get rage:) This could go. We made 2 tries first didn´t go well, I did a bad pull. Next time I used demoralizing roar to pull and spamming lacerate all the way to the place I was going to tank him. This time we did good I keeped the aggro on me all the time, but suddenly Moroe reseted? And one of our expirienced Kara tanks Baraadrak was able to join the raid, we made to good tries with him as second tank, but didn´t succeded., most because bad luck and maybe everybody had full concentration. Well we will come back and make him pay later this week.

Your Healer/tank?

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Megan sa...

Nice story. I've OT'd the earlier parts of Kara as my Resto Druid as well (swap in Feral gear), it's fun and even though you're not as efficient as you could be, it's still a nice option.

In fact, one of my favorite fights is Netherspite as a Druid, patching in some Resto pieces and Feral pieces, and bouncing back from red and green beams (weapon swaps from Illhoof staff and my usual healing setup).

Which really makes me think Blizzard should answer the request of Druids---Feign Death in Catform, to bring you OOC and allow a quick gear swap for such occassions like these.

Sandra sa...

Awww, thanks for the compliments :) Next time, we'll get him down!